Why is the value of your NFTs falling?

Why is the value of your NFTs falling?

Since the creation of Tiliaverse, we analyzed that our market as well as the NFTs market in general are strongly influenced by cryptocurrencies. If they are doing well, then so is the NFT market... if they crash, they take the NFTs in their fall. This logically impacts the price of our NFTs and causes a price fluctuation.

The bear market, we are in the middle of it!

There is no precise definition of a bear market, but generally speaking, it refers to a significant and unrelenting decline in the value of securities. Most institutions define a bear market as a decline in a stock market of 20% or more for a period of at least two months. Comparing the price of Bitcoin between 2015 and 2022, we see that the crypto has already experienced a steep drop 7 years ago to rise again and create a bull market.

Why do cryptocurrencies crash?

  • US central bank tightening policy to deal with inflation.
  • A strong dollar
  • Rising energy cost, which is a parameter to be considered for cryptocurrency mining

All of these elements are likely to prolong the crypto winter we're experiencing... but will hopefully reinforce the bull market effect within a few months.

That's why the price of a Tiliaverse virtual property or any other land on any metaverse costs less than a few months ago.

Two situations if you are on the web 3.0:

  1. If you already own an NFT, you can wait for the market to recover and turn into a bull market to resell at a higher price. Fact: after a war or an economic crisis, all the markets in the world experience an incredible exponential growth.
  2. If you don't own NFTs yet, you have the opportunity to become owner at a very low cost. 

We put at your disposal a tool that allows you to see the fluctuation of the values of the properties indexed on the "total cryptocurrency Market Cap" index. 

The graph is updated every morning and is available on the homepage of Tiliaverse Marketplace

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