Why you should invest in metaverses ?

Why you should invest in metaverses ?

Investing in the metaverse, the new real estate trend ?

The Token's company has spent the sum of 2 million euros to buy a land in the Metaverse. This platform gives access to a virtual world in which we can do everything as in real life, such as organizing work meetings to which everyone will send his avatar, or even make real estate deals.

You may have heard this word before: the metaverse. A sort of digital double of our physical world, a bit like a video game, accessible via the Internet. In a few weeks, more than 100 million euros have been spent to buy land in this virtual world. The latest example is the Token's company which has just paid 2 million euros for 565 square meters of land on the fashion street, which could become a kind of Champs-Elysées of the metaverse.

Should you invest in metaverse real estate?

What is the interest for companies to invest in virtual real estate? Well first and foremost for marketing, explains Arnaud Groussac, founder of the Patrimoine Store platform. "What is projected is rather a professional universe where you will be able to have your headquarters, have your showroom, your concert hall as a company so that your customers come to connect via virtual reality headsets and come to share a moment in the digital world," he says.

In total, there are 90 plots of land for sale in the metaverse. The closer you get to the central square, the more expensive they are. If you invest, you will have to pay in cryptocurrency. A title deed will be issued to you and you can then rent your property to brands, for example, or else resell it when the prices have risen.