What is a real estate metaverse and what is it for ?

What is a real estate metaverse and what is it for ?

Why should you purchase property in a metaverse?

Metaverses that specialize in real estate provide users with an online place to connect with other people who are interested in the same topic. They can then use their virtual properties/plots of land to play and trade.

The creators of the metaverse monetize the content in the form of NFTs that can be exchanged. Brands can use their virtual properties to advertise their services, organize virtual product launches and give their clients the chance to take part in unique experiences.

These virtual plots of land or properties offer lucrative opportunities for property investors. Just like in real life, virtual properties can be resold or even rented.

How do I purchase a virtual property?

Purchasing a virtual property is a bit like buying an NFT. Your property deed is a unique code on a blockchain. This code certifies your ownership of the property or your rights to a digital piece of land.

To invest in a metaverse, you must usually have your own digital portfolio in cryptocurrency. The Tilia.Earth Metaverse simplifies this process by allowing you to purchase virtual properties in just a few clicks via the marketplace www.tiliaverse.com. You must then follow the instructions that explain how to transfer the NFT to your wallet.

Just like when buying property in the real world, in the metaverse you can also purchase plots of land through the intermediary of brokers and real estate managers. However, unlike in the real world, brokers in the metaverse don’t need a license and are not subject to any specific regulations. So you should make sure you are dealing with trustworthy brokers.

How do you choose a virtual property?

Just like in the real world, the location of a virtual property plays a key role. The value of the plots "The Sandbox" and "Decentraland" is constantly increasing because major brands such as Atari, Samsung, Miller Lite and Adidas are asserting their rights to these virtual worlds. Tilia.Earth remains accessible financially, and may even enable you to acquire property that will become highly sought after in the future.

If you would like to invest in these parallel universes, look for areas that have a good resale or rental potential. Opt for well-known places such as stadiums, monuments, hotels and shopping centers, etc. You can acquire these properties for quite a low price, build on them and then wait for the prices to rise.